Monday, October 29, 2007

More nonsensicality in business.

Bowling -bowling - bowling. That's all I've been doing. Semi-pro tours; local tours; regional tours; it's all been about bowling. And I've made a nice chunk of change doing it.

Since I'm a senior, I get price breaks on entrance fees; and special senior squads to compete in.

I was in a tournament today. I made the finals in fourth place. I had to go against the fifth place guy; then the third place guy; then the second place guy; and finally, the tournament leader. I had games of 200, 259, 290 & 279. Not too shabby for a guy pushing 70 years of age. The $5,000 prize money was just right for a couple of afternoons of work.

I travel the circuit from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon, down to Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada, and to Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. This next weekend, I'm two local (one day) tournaments. Those are "beat the board" style. First there's qualifying, then the roll offs. Saturday, it's local (to me) and Sunday it's across town.

If I can figure out how to post pictures on this site, I'll do it. That's enough for now.

Friday, July 6, 2007

It's About Time!!!!!

Damn straight! It's about time that I update this thing.

I've recuperated from the accident in January.

My company gave me a two week all-expense paid vacation in Phoenix. Actually, it's the company that I work for.

And, thanks to the accident, I lost the domain to one of my websites; and the other two are in limbo for the moment.

If I wasn't so damn busy, I'd have time to say more. One of our guys is gone, so I have to fill in during his absence.