Friday, June 1, 2012

Latest RadioShack Sucks News

It has come to my attention that RadioShack Corp. has not replied to my latest email concerning their trademark infringement case against myself. What makes this interesting is that RadioShack doesn't have a legal leg to stand on.

Since RadioShack knew that I have had the domain names for the past ten plus years, and they're now getting around to complain that I have owned the domains, it would appear that the statue of limitations has expired.

But, in my opinion, here's what the beef is about. The domains were up for renewal around the first of April. I tried to renew the domains, but my attempts were being rejected by the host computers. In the mean time, RadioShack had their name in the hat to obtain the domains once they had expired. Since my renewal finally went through, the domains reverted back to me; which made RadioShack angry.

RadioShack sent me a "nasty" email and registered letter (through snail mail), threatening me with all sorts of legal problems. They said that I was doing the company wrong because web surfers would confuse my domains with the company's website. That was an impossibility because my domains were not active. If you tried to enter my addresses into a browser's address bar, it would come back with an "Error 404" message (website not found).

Now, I have very little against RadioShack, even though I was once an employee. I retired from the company in 2003. I did, at one time, operate radioshacksucks dot com; however, I lost that after failing to renew the website following a traffic accident. I was hospitalized when the domain and website expired; however, I was able to renew the dot net and dot org domains in time.

And that brings us around to today. RadioShack is silent, since I have proved them wrong. I showed them the errors of their ways. If they want to press the issue further, I have documented about one thousand case laws where the Big Corporations lost their battles with the Little Guys; and I am prepared to forward those cases to the RadioShack lawyers.

One more item. It appears that RadioShack has spent more money on this case than if they bought the domains from me outright. I agree that my asking price for both domains ($10K) was too high; however, it gave me a starting point for further negotiations. I want to see what they have to offer, and go from there. I'm not going to give them the domains free of any charge; I'd be stupid to do so; however, I am willing to come down in price, as long as it's equitable. If RadioShack wants to reimburse me for the money I have spent keeping the domains (approximately $1K over the ten plus years), I'm willing to sell. I would still like to hear from them for the offer.

Enough for now.