Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hard at Work!

That's enough for today.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Off The Top Of My Little Pointed Head.......

.....but, if I keep my hat on, it won't show.

I finished downloading a tune I've been looking for in the stores and on-line. The tune: "Beds Are Burning" by Midnight Oil, from the album "Diesels And Dust." If there was a way to upload it to this blog, I'd do it in an instant (or as long as it would take on a broadband connection).

This weekend is the Masters Tournament, and I'm entered in the "scratch" division. I dislike handicapped tournaments, as my average is too high, which means I don't get a handicap. If a 150 average bowler has a 50 pin handicap, then bowls a 190 game, I have to shoot a 240 just to break even. The other problem is that a three game series, the 150 average bowler gets 150 pins handicap. Let's assume that the 150 average bowler shoots three 200 games, giving him a 600 series, plus the 150 pin handicap, means that his total is 750.

A 750 scratch is no small chore; but, if I want to qualify for the finals, I'd have to shoot a 750, or else to take my toys and go home. When I shoot a 750 scratch, I'm going to be pretty close to the top in a scratch tournament. Now, if I want to cash, I have to match that series in the semi-finals and again in the finals. I'm up to the task, as I've been on the lanes practicing under all types of lane conditions.

In any case, I'm bowling all this weekend, starting tonight (Thursday) and ending up on Sunday night. Scores will follow, if I remember to bring the recap sheets home.

As a side note: Any more spam in the comments section will cause me to delete comments. 'nuff said!