Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Did you know:

a. Labor unions account for a small percentage of the workforce.

b. 82% of non-unionized workers do not want their jobs to be unionized, according to the Center for Union Facts.

c. Unions are too expensive for employers and employees.
1. Employers have to pay into unions for non-insured retirement plans.
2. Employees have to pay an initiation fee, plus monthly dues. If you're making under $14 an hour, this can be too expensive for families.

d. Employees lose their rights to talk to their supervisors or managers about wages and/or working conditions.

e. With union representation, there's no guarantee that you'll end up with more than you started with.

f. During a strike, you'll lose your right to work, costing you money.

Those are just a few things that a union brings into the work place. The main thing is that a union will not help you keep your job during a lay-off or labor dispute. If you belong to a union today, your only guarantee is that you'll lose your money as fast as a gambling casino.


In December, 2009, I had a heart attack at work (a union job) and subsiquent triple by-pass operation during open heart surgery. During my recovery I tried contacting my union representatives for find out what kind of benefits I had. For months afterward, I was handed off from one idiot to another, with no knowledge of my benefits or anything. The most common answer I received was: "That's not my department. You should call such and such," who passed me on to someone else then back to the beginning. Meanwhile, my bills kept piing up even with my insurance company. In fact, just the ambulance company's charge for hauling me less than a mile to the hospital cost me $2,000.My boss wouldn't help pay part of the cost even when I told him not to call an ambulance.

In the meantime, my hospital stay, surgery, angiograms, medications and everything else cost me a $50 co-pay, with my insurance picking up the rest of the tab. The union was nowhere to be found. Today, I'm fighting two types of cancer, and the union is nowhere to be seen.

Back in the 30s, 40s and almost into the 50s, labor unions were excellent. They established minimum wages, working conditions, and child labor laws. Today they're useless. The only good thing about them is keeping an honest employer honest. A crooked employer is going to screw you even with a union present.

If a union representative comes to your workplace, just TELL THEM NO!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Labor Unions Suck Big Time

Look for a new "Sucks" website starting up soon. I'm pissed at SEIU union and I want the world to know that labor unions suck, with SEIU in particular.

When I had my heart attack and subsiquent tripple by-pass open heart surgery, the labor union, of which I was a member, did absolutely nothing.

BTW: I now have to use hearing aids, thanks to working around jet engines while I was in the Air Force. Since I'm already a disabled veteran, the addition of this "new" disability will be added to the compensation I'm already receiving. I'm still waiting for the percentage amount that will be added; however, the two $1,000 hearing aids were provided by the Veterans Administration. Plus, they'll supply me with a lifetime of batteries.