Monday, July 28, 2008

Big 22 Doubles Tournament

OK - a lot has happened since my last entry.

Over the weekend, my bowling partner and I competed in a doubles tournament. We went against 28 teams and made the semi-finals. Now it got down to a one-game-beat-the-board semi final. The field was cut in half again, and we were still in it. We went against two other teams for final positions.

My partner had a spare in the ninth, and left the 6 - 10 in the tenth. Going for the spare, he pulled the shot, which went wide missing the two pins. He finished with a respectable 198, ten pins over his average.

I had a clean game, including picking up the 5 - 7 split early on. I had a strike in the ninth, and my first ball in the tenth was a strike. My first bonus ball was a half of a board high, and left a wobbly 7 pin, which I spared, giving me a clean 229 game.

When our handicap was added in, we ended two pins short of making the final match. We ended the tourney in third place, which was good for $500 each.

First place paid $1000 each, and second paid $750. $500 for an afternoon's work was good. The main thing was that we put on a great show. Getting paid for it was a bonus.

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