Thursday, February 7, 2008


In the midst of computer crashes, hard drive failures, websites swapping hands; the Op-Ed piece to Don Barrett's website is lost (unless it's on hard copy somewhere around here). The emails I received refering to the piece are intact.

Here's a sample: "I'm just a truck driver from the Central Valley, but I listen to radio, and I read your piece on Don Barrett's website. Everything you said makes a whole lot of sense. I know nothing about radio programming, nor do I care to know; all I really do know is that whoever is doing it, in my opinion, stinks. I hear the same thing every day and I'm getting sick of it."

Signed: "Dan"

Dan, I know how you feel. It seems like radio stations have a 200 song library that they wear out on a daily basis. My personal recorded music collection numbers about a quarter million tracks, in various genres and formats, and dates back to 1903. There is no radio station in the country that can match that number, nor will they ever.

Radio today stinks.

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