Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Been A While.....

.....since I've posted anything new here.

I've been in the radio broadcasting industry for many years; and just the other day, found a ton of material from an Op-Ed piece I wrote for Don Barrett's "L A Radio" website. The piece dates back to June, 2000, and is highly revelant today. As soon as I dig out the piece, I'll publish it here, along with a few of the emails I received following the piece.

I heard from many "big" names in L A radio, and quite a few other people as well. I also received emails from people I worked with in Sacramento radio. Many have gone on to bigger and better gigs. Then, there's me. I have never had the opportunity to work in L A radio; however, I've wanted to.

Radio people are gypsies, traveling from gig to gig, never staying long enough to get to know the area or the people. Radio station owners are only interested in ratings, and bringing in the "almighty dollar." When it comes to creativity, there is none. They don't understand that it's the creative aspect that brings in listeners, followed by the dollar. They don't get the idea that it takes a little time to cultivate the station, to give it its sound. All the owners want is instant gratification. It's due to the MTV generation. Quick cuts, and then it's over.

I heard from one L A radio individual who was at one station for 22 years, a long time in radio history. And as for the follow-up emails I received from the Op-Ed piece, I'm not going to publish the complete or correct names of the individuals that replied; however, I will publish what they wrote. It should be interesting reading.

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