Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where's AMF?????

The company I used to work for is as intelligent as a box of rocks.

The city: Anaheim, California (almost across the street from Disneyland.) AMF spent upwards of $4 million fixing up a bowling center; turning virtually a dive into party central.

As the photos attest, it's a beautiful center.

Great looking center, right?

OK, so where is it?

AMF's website says it's located at 321 West Katella, in Anaheim.

OK, so where is it? Where are the signs that point the way to the center? There are none on Harbor Blvd., or on Katella.

You would think that AMF has a few million in the bank; so, why didn't they spend a few thousand to put up signs where people could see them.

Inquiring people want to know.

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